Fun, Friends and Fish

Lincoln National Park


The Eyre Peninsula continues to surprise and stun us with clear waters, beautiful beaches, rolling hills, friendly folk and abundant wildlife.

We spent four nights over Easter at Lincoln National Park, where the girls made friends, as kids easily do when camping.


A generous family from Arno Bay took Lee on their motor boat, gave him some tips and he came home with fish and squid for tea.

Then we headed to Coffin Bay Caravan Park for much-needed showers. On the way I did a big shop at Wollies, our last major grocery store for about 1,800 Ks. Hopefully Lee will catch more fish!

Coffin Bay is a picturesque town, known for oysters. We had a dozen for $9.50. Yum.

We also camped around the corner at Coffin Bay National Park. From the kayak we saw several sting rays.

R and Joey contemplate one another at Coffin Bay National Park


Author: sarahklenbort

I'm a Sydney-based writer, casual academic, mum, former president of the P&C, and founder of Auslan Afternoons, a play group for parents of deaf children who are interested in learning Auslan.

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